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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Reader Review

Name of Story: Into His Web I Went
Author of Story : camp30
Main Characters: Sookie, Eric
URL of the story:
On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the following?
1. Did the Summary give an accurate description of the story? Yes
2. How would you rate the writing? 10 - No distractions to the storyline due to spelling or grammar.  The author obviously cares about the quality of her work.
3. How would you rate the originality of the plot? 
4. If there were Lemons how would you rate them? 10 - Not fluff filled gratuitous sex. It is a defining part of their love/hate relationship.
5. Was the main female character well written?  Yes.  She understands the reality of the world she lives in and hates the fact that she was born a woman into a world dominated by men that considered her nothing more than property.  It's very easy to forget that she's only 15 years old.
6. Was the main male character well written? Yes, very well written.  Another tortured soul.  Forced to live in a world and family that doesn't understand him but expects him to live his life in a predetermined manner.  
7.  Did the story pull you in emotionally?   Yes, I cried and got angry
8.  If complete did the ending leave you satisfied or did you feel
     there were loose ends? not complete, still a Work In Progress
Overall Rating: How many Fangs would you give this story on a scale of 1-10?  10 Fangs 
Give us a few comments about the story
A complex and haunting story set in 1844 Louisiana. If you are looking for the canon Sookie and Eric pairing, be warned, this is not it. It's a dark character study of the arranged marriage of 15 year old Sookie and and her dominating,  mysterious and quite possibly insane husband, Eric. On the other hand, you will probably question Sookie's views and question her cold-hearted nature.   A well written, sometimes shocking and emotional story of the love/hate relationship between this couple and the world they were born into.
Name of Reviewer:  Melinda
URL of Reviewer:
Reviewer’s email:

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